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More than eight years ago I visited my first Yogaclass in Germany and was immediately hooked. I was fascinated by the concept of breath control and the effect it has on body and mind. The quiet of a Mysore classroom that allows you to fully focus on linking movement to breath and the beautiful sequences of Ashtanga Yoga made me find my home in an Ashtanga Yoga Studio in Hamburg, Germany. Since then I´ve been practicing almost daily and visited many workshops and courses as well as different teacher trainings along the way. I am especially interested in learning about the therapeutic use of yoga and movement as a whole and love to experiment and explore different ways to practice and move, always with the goal to stay overall mobile, strong and functional, but most of all just for fun.


"Movement is healthy if it is regular and versatile"

(Dr. Ronald Steiner)


Teachertrainings: 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Yoga at Sampoorna Yoga in Goa, India (2013), 500 hours Ashtanga Yoga Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with Dr. Ronald Steiner (2015-2019) in Germany

Adjustmenttraining with Julia Dieckmann in Hamburg, Germany and regular Modular Therapy Courses (MTC, Anatomy and Yogatherapy) with Dr. Ronald Steiner (2015-2021)

Workshops and/or intensive courses with Julia Dieckmann (Hamburg), Lance Schuler (Hamburg), Hanne Sydänmaa (2014, Helsinki), Anne Nuotio (2014, Tampere), Bobbi Misiti (Hamburg), David Garrigues (Hamburg), Ronald Steiner, Nancy Gilgoff (Berlin)

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